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To fabricate dental appliances a person must be a Registered Dental Technician, or a Dental Technician Assistant or a Student working under the supervision of a Dental Technician.

A Dental Technician may provide all the services set out in the Dental Technician Regulation. A Dental Technician may also delegate tasks to Assistants if he or she supervises Assistants in accordance with guidelines established by the Board.

An individual is entitled to be registered as a Dental Technician if the individual

  • has graduated from a Dental Technician Education Program approved by the Registration Committee, OR
  • (i) has provided the services equivalent to those of a dental technician for a period of not less than 5 years, AND
    (ii) has a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities, which, in the opinion of the Registration Committee, satisfy the education requirements
  • is of good character and fit to practice the profession
  • demonstrates competence in the English language
  • submits the application form and the fees required
  • passes the theory and practical examinations
  • provides proof of having obtained and maintained the required professional liability insurance coverage.

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General Information regarding RDT Registration and required Licensure Examinations

RDT Registration Requirements

Licensure Exams

Practical Exam Assignments

CDTBC Bylaws

Approved Dental Technology Programs in Canada


Applicants graduated from Dental Technology Programs Outside Canada
In addition to the regular submission of the application form and the required documentation to the College, applicants are required to have their academic credentials evaluated by International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES).

Two evaluation reports, which include a Comprehensive Evaluation Report and a Supplemental Report, must be completed by ICES on the applicant's academic credentials. The required Reports must be sent directly to the College by ICES.

Applicant should apply directly to ICES for the Evaluation Reports by completing the prescribed ICES application form and paying the required fees directly to ICES.

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2
Tel: 604-432-8800
Toll free: 1-866-434-9197
Fax: 604-435-7033
Email: [email protected]

ICES takes a minimum of seven weeks to complete a Comprehensive Evaluation Report from the time they receive all required documents from an applicant. It is recommended that applicants contact ICES as soon as possible in order to initiate the process to evaluate their academic credentials so that the required reports from ICES will be received by the College prior to the application deadlines. The College office will not review an application until all required documentation including the ICES Evaluation Reports are received.

Licensure Examinations and Application Deadlines
Theory exams are held every May and November at a location near the College office in Richmond.  The practical exams are held during a period of several weeks in July or August at Vancouver Community College.

Applicants must apply to the College and provide all documentation required no later than:

  • March 31st if they intend to take May Theory Examinations
  • September 30th if they intend to take November Theory Examinations

Applications received after these dates may be held and processed in the next period.

Candidates who fail their practical exams may ask for a review. They may also retake the exams under certain conditions. See Bylaws, sections 34(5) and (6).

An Assistant must work under the supervision of a registered Dental Technician, and provide services delegated to him or her by the Dental Technician.

An individual is entitled to be registered as a Dental Technician Assistant if the individual

  • has graduated from Grade 12 in a secondary school in British Columbia, or in the opinion of the Registration Committee, the equivalent of Grade 12 in another jurisdiction
  • is of good character and fit to practice the profession
  • submits the application form and the fees required.


A Student may work under the supervision of a Registered Dental Technician and provide delegated services.

An individual is entitled to be registered as a Dental Technician Student if the individual

  • is currently enrolled as a student in a Board approved post secondary Dental Technician Training Program in British Columbia
  • is of good character and fit to practice the profession.


For information on registration requirements and fees, review the Dental Technician Bylaws, sections 29(1) through (5), sections 30, 31 and 35 or phone the College. You may also e-mail the College at [email protected] for an application package.

Registrants receive their renewal notices by email (regular mail if email is unavailable) in late January. For complete information about renewal fees, please refer to Bylaws, section 35.

Former Dental Technician registrants may apply for re-instatement within two years after their last registration. Former registrants who have been off the Register for more than two years may be required to take some examinations. They must also provide evidence of having completed continuing education courses for the period during which they were not registered. For further information, please review Bylaws, sections 29(3), (4) and (5).